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Book Box: 10" w x 6 3/4" h

Book: 5 1/2" w x 9 1/2" h

Edition of 4 books


Black and white bookcloth, glass evil eye and evil eye on box cover made of bookcloth. Brass beads, inkjet printed text, gold paper and gold tissue endsheets, leather handmade box clasp, book boards. Paper collage, acrylic paints.

The inside folio is sewn into books covers and is folded into gates structure.

Book is contained in a box with attached lid.

Prayer for Daybreak, (Surah al-Falaq) chapter 113 in the Qur'an is recited to seek God forr efuge from the evil and envy from outside.

This Surah also tells us to seek refuge in Allah from the evil-doers, such as those who indulgein sorcery and other forms of secret witchcraft. Since Allah is the Ultimate Authority, once a person is in His Protection, no worldly or outworldly power can do any harm to that person.


Box with clasp

Book front cover


Book front and back covers


Book front page and endsheet


Gate fold of title of Surah in English and Arabic


Open folio, sewn into back cover. Surah in English and Arabic versions.

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