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Poems by Richard Beban & Kaaren Kitchell


"Richard and I came through Paris in 1997 on our honeymoon, on our way to be married in Crete.


We decided to take a deep descent, thirty meters below the city, to visit the catacombs where the bones of millions of Parisians, disinterred from cemeteries all over the growing city, had been reburied, this time in limestone caves, the bones arranged like sculptures.


We were so moved by the experience, that when we came back up to this world, we each needed time

to process the experience separately, and agreed

not to discuss it until we had each crafted something

to describe it.


These two poems are that description." 

                                                                — Kaaren Kitchell


Size closed: 5 3/4" w x 6" h 

Size open 16.75" h x 10.75" w

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